New Voter NID Card Application Process 2024 (অনলাইনে নতুন ভোটার হওয়ার জন্য আবেদন করুন)

New Voter NID Card Application Process
New Voter NID Card Application Process

National Identity Card (NID) is an essential document that serves as the primary identity for citizens of Bangladesh. It is a prerequisite for exercising the right to vote in national and local elections. In 2024, Bangladesh introduced an updated process to apply for a new voter NID card. This article aims to provide a detailed, informative guide on the application process for obtaining a new NID card in Bangladesh with a focus on changes and updates to the registration system.

New voter NID card application process in Bangladesh introduces a streamlined and digital approach for citizens to obtain their national identity cards. Eligible applicants can now register online, submit required documents and undergo biometric verification. This updated system improves convenience, accuracy and reduces processing time, encouraging more citizens to register and responsibly exercise their right to vote.

NID Card Bangladesh

NID Card, short for National Identity Card, is a vital document in Bangladesh that serves as the primary identification for its citizens. Issued by the Election Commission, the NID Card contains essential personal information and a unique identification number. It plays a crucial role in various official and legal transactions, and it is also a prerequisite for voting in national and local elections. The NID Card reflects Bangladesh’s commitment to ensuring accurate identification and facilitating smooth governance for its citizens.

NID Registration Form

NID Registration Form is an important document used in Bangladesh for citizens applying for a National Identity Card (NID). This form collects essential personal information, such as name, date of birth, gender, occupation and address. Applicants must submit supporting documents including proof of citizenship, age and residency along with the filled form. The NID registration form plays an important role in the application process, ensuring accurate data capture and facilitating issuance of NID cards to eligible citizens.

Eligibility to apply for new NID Application

To apply for a new voter NID card in Bangladesh in 2024, applicants must meet the following qualifications:

  • Citizenship: Applicant must be a Bangladeshi citizen. Non-citizens and dual citizens are not eligible to apply.
  • Age: Applicants must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible for voter registration.
  • Address: The applicant must be a resident of Bangladesh and provide a valid address proof during the application process.

Required Documents for NID Application

To apply for a National Identity Card (NID) in Bangladesh, certain documents are essential for a successful application. These required documents include:

  • Applicants must provide valid documents that prove their Bangladeshi citizenship, such as a birth certificate, passport or citizenship certificate.
  • NID application requires a document verifying the applicant’s age, such as a birth certificate or educational certificate.
  • Applicants must submit documents that confirm their current address, such as a utility bill, rent agreement or voter registration certificate.
  • Father & Mother National ID Card photocopy.

How to Apply for New NID Registration (Step-by-Step Application Process)

The new Voter NID card application process can be completed in several straightforward steps. The people of Bangladesh who want to do apply for new NID they can follow our Instructions:

Step 1: Online Registration

  • Go to the official website of Election Commission of Bangladesh ( and check the section “New Voter NID Card Application”.
  • Create an account by providing required details such as name, date of birth, email address and phone number.
  • Once the account is created, log in with the provided credentials to access the application form.

Step 2: Filling the Application Form

  • Fill in the required personal information accurately, such as name, date of birth, gender, occupation and address.
  • Upload scanned copies of supporting documents including proof of citizenship, age and residence. Valid documents may include a birth certificate, passport, utility bill, or government-issued ID.
  • Review the information provided in the application form before proceeding.

NID Registration FormNID Registration Application Form

Step 3: Biometric Verification

  • After successfully submitting the online application, schedule an appointment for biometric verification at the nearest Election Commission office or designated registration center.
  • On the due date, visit the center with all the original documents and a copy of the submitted application form.
  • During the biometric verification process, your fingerprint, photograph and signature will be captured for authentication.

Step 4: Verification and Approval

  • After the biometric verification, the Election Commission will conduct a thorough review of the submitted application and supporting documents.
  • If the application is deemed complete and accurate, it will be approved, and the new voter NID card will be issued.
  • Applicants will be notified via email or SMS about approval status.

Step 5: Receiving the NID Card

  • Once the application is approved, the new voter NID card can be collected from the designated Election Commission office or from a specific delivery address, as selected during the application process.
  • Applicants must collect the NID card within the stipulated time frame; Otherwise, there may be delays or additional procedures for collection.

New NID Card Registration From PDF 

Last Words 

“New Voter NID Card Application Process” introduced in Bangladesh marks an important step towards modernizing and streamlining the registration system. This streamlined process leverages technology and digital platforms to make applying for a new NID card more accessible, efficient and accurate for citizens. By incorporating biometric verification and online registration, the Election Commission aims to eliminate the hassle of paperwork and long lines, making it more convenient for applicants to register at their homes. If you getting any problem then tell us through Comment. We will definitely try to give you a solution.