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Online Death Certificate Download Bangladesh
Online Death Certificate Download Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, death certificates are required documents for various purposes including transfer of property, applying for insurance benefits and making social security payments. Until recently, the only way to obtain a death certificate was to visit a government office in person. However, the Bangladesh government has now introduced an online service that allows citizens to download death certificates from the comfort of their own homes. Downloading a death certificate online is a convenient, fast and secure way to obtain this important document. If you are eligible to download a death certificate online, I encourage you to do so.

What is an Online Death Certificate?

An online death certificate is a digital copy of an official death certificate issued by the Government of Bangladesh. It is a legally valid document that can be used for various purposes, such as applying for insurance claims, transferring property and obtaining a passport. With this online service, people can easily access and download official death certificates from the comfort of their homes. Say goodbye to long queues and paperwork hassles and embrace the ease of obtaining required documents online.

Death Certificate Download

A death certificate is an official document that records a person’s death. Death certificates are required for various purposes, such as transferring ownership of property, settling insurance claims, and obtaining burial permits. However, many government agencies now offer the ability to download death certificates online. This can be a convenient and time-saving option for those who need a quick death certificate. Downloading a death certificate online is a convenient, fast and cost-effective way to obtain this important document. If you need a death certificate, be sure to check the website of the government agency that issued the certificate to see if they offer online downloads.

Death Certificate Download Online Process

Learn how to easily get a death certificate online with our step-by-step guide. Use the simple and convenient process to download a death certificate from your home. Get the necessary information you need, including required documents, fees and the required online platform to access this important document quickly and efficiently. It is important to note that death certificates downloaded online are just as valid as death certificates obtained in person. You can use them for any purpose that requires a death certificate If you have any questions about the process of downloading a death certificate online, you can contact the government agency responsible for issuing death certificates in your jurisdiction.

Required Documents For Death Certificate 

  • Online application form properly signed by the deceased’s father / mother / spouse / son / daughter / friend / others.
  • Death Certificate / Medical evidence to proof death
  • Copy of Deceased’s Bangladesh Birth Certificate;
  • Copy of deceased’s Bangladesh Passport and NID card;
  • Copy of deceased’s visa, Identity Card or other residency proof card;
  • Deceased’s 2 copy passport size photographs (55mmx45mm) if any;
  • Applicant’s passport copy, visa copy and ID card copy

How to Apply For Death Registration in Bangladesh?

To Apply For Death Registration follow these process:

  • Fill out the death registration form. You can get this form from the Union Parishad office or download it online. The form must be filled out in Bengali.
  • Attach the documents mention in above.
  • Submit the form and attached documents to the BDRIS office. You have to pay a fee of Rs. 25 to 50.
  • The BDRIS office will verify the information on the form and attached documents. If everything goes well, they will issue you a death registration certificate.
  • Death registration certificate is an important document which is required for various purposes like transferring the deceased’s property, closing their bank account and applying for their insurance benefits.

How to Download a Death Certificate?

To Download a Death Certificate, you can follow these steps:

  • At fist Visit Birth & Death certificate Official website
  • Now, Type your Death Registration Number.
  • Then, Fill your Date of Death.
  • Now, Clear the Captcha Number.
  • At last, Tab on search Button.

If your All Information are Correct, then you can watch your Relatives Death Certificate. Now, you can Download & print Death Certificate Online copy.

Online Death Certificate Register Form PDF

Last Words 

Downloading death certificate online in Bangladesh is a convenient and easy process. The process is straightforward and can be completed in minutes. However, it is important to ensure that you have all the necessary information and documents before starting the process. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact the Registrar of Births and Deaths for assistance.