Burger King Headquarters Information – Office Address & Locations

Burger King Headquarters Address
Burger King Headquarters Address

Burger King, the iconic flame-grilled fast-food chain, has a global presence with thousands of restaurants serving their signature Whopper sandwich and other menu favorites. For those looking for an insight into the corporate world of this fast-food giant, understanding headquarters information, including office addresses and locations, becomes paramount. In this article, we explain the intricacies of Burger King corporate landscape, focusing on its headquarters and key office locations worldwide.

Burger King Headquarters

Burger King corporate headquarters serves as the nerve center for strategic decision-making, innovation and operational management. As per the latest available information, the headquarters of the company is located in Miami, Florida, USA. Nestled within Miami vibrant business landscape, the headquarters is a symbol of Burger King American roots and its global influence in the fast-food industry.

Burger King Headquarters Address

Burger King is headquartered in Miami, Florida, United States. Although the exact street address is not publicly available for security reasons, it is located within Miami-Dade County. This position serves as the central hub for company leadership, operations and strategic planning.

Burger King Global Headquarters
5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
Miami, FL 33126

Burger King Global Office Locations

In addition to its headquarters in Miami, Burger King maintains an extensive network of regional and international offices to strategically oversee operations, support franchisees and cater to diverse markets. While the exact number and location of these offices may vary over time, some key areas where Burger King has established its corporate presence include:

Burger King Europe GmbH (Munich, Germany):

Acting as the European headquarters, this office oversees operations and expansion strategies across Europe, ensuring consistency of brand quality and customer experience.

Burger King Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa (APACMEA) Regional Office (Singapore):

Based in Singapore, this office coordinates Burger King operations and growth initiatives across the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa region, tapping into diverse cultures and consumer preferences.

Burger King Latin America & Caribbean (Miami, FL, USA):

Due to the brand’s strong presence in Latin America and the Caribbean, this regional office based in Miami, Florida plays a key role in driving growth, franchise support and market development strategies across the region.

Burger King Corporate Support Center (Sao Paulo, Brazil):

Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this office serves as a key support center for Burger King operations and franchise network in South America, building synergies and driving operational excellence.

Burger King Headquarters Information

Office Address:

Burger King Global Headquarters
5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
Miami, FL 33126


[email protected]

Phone Number:

Burger King corporate phone number is (305) 378-3000 .This number connects callers to the company’s headquarters in Miami, Florida, where inquiries regarding corporate matters, franchise opportunities and other business-related matters can be addressed.

Customer Service Number:

For customer service inquiries, feedback, or assistance with the restaurant experience, individuals may contact Burger King customer service hotline at 1-866-394-2493. This toll-free number provides direct access to Burger King customer support team, facilitating quick resolution of customer concerns and queries.

Last Words 

Burger King headquarters and global office locations stand as pillars of its corporate infrastructure, embodying the brand’s commitment to innovation, growth and excellence in the fast-food industry. From its strategic headquarters in Miami to regional offices spanning several continents, Burger King’s corporate footprint reflects its global reach and ambition to delight consumers worldwide with its signature flame-grilled burgers and exceptional dining experiences.


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