Dairy Queen Headquarters Information – Corporate Office Address & Locations

Dairy Queen Headquarters Information
Dairy Queen Headquarters Information

Dairy Queen, often abbreviated as DQ, is a popular chain of soft-serve ice cream and fast-food restaurants. With a history dating back to 1940, Dairy Queen has grown into an international franchise with thousands of locations worldwide. If you want to contact the DQ corporate office or are interested in knowing the location of their headquarters, this article has you covered.

Dairy Queen Headquarters Information

The parent company behind Dairy Queen is International Dairy Queen, Inc. (IDQ). IDQ oversees subsidiaries such as American Dairy Queen Corporation (US) and Dairy Queen Canada, Inc. Through this structure, IDQ licenses, develops and supports a network of over 7,500 stores in 20 countries, cementing their place as a global fast-food giant.

Dairy Queen Headquarters Address 

Dairy Queen’s corporate headquarters are situated in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA. The specific address is:

American Dairy Queen Corporation
8000 Tower, Suite 700
8331 Norman Center Drive
Bloomington, MN 55437

This central office serves as the nerve center of Dairy Queen’s operations, overseeing various aspects of the business. Including franchising, marketing, finance and corporate governance.

Dairy Queen Headquarters Locations 

In addition to the corporate office in Minneapolis, Dairy Queen operates several regional offices and distribution centers to support its extensive network of franchise locations. These regional offices are strategically positioned to provide local support to franchisees and coordinate regional marketing initiatives.

In addition, Dairy Queen has a global presence with franchise locations across Canada, Mexico, China, the United Arab Emirates and many other countries. Each international market may have its own administrative office to oversee operations within that region while adhering to Dairy Queen’s global standards and brand guidelines.

Feature Departments at Dairy Queen Headquarters

  • Franchise Development: This department is responsible for expanding the Dairy Queen brand by identifying suitable locations for new franchisees. Contracting with franchisees and providing support to existing franchise owners.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Dairy Queen’s marketing team operates from headquarters, developing strategies to promote the brand, launch new products. And engage with customers through various channels, including traditional advertising, social media, and promotions.
  • Operations and Supply Chain: Efficient supply chain management is required to ensure smooth operations across Dairy Queen outlets. This department oversees sourcing materials, distribution logistics, quality control and operational standards to maintain consistency across all locations.
  • Finance and Accounting: Managing financial resources, budgeting, financial reporting, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements falls under the head office’s finance and accounting team.
  • Research and Development: Innovation is key to staying competitive in the fast-food industry. Dairy Queen’s R&D department focuses on developing new menu items, improving existing recipes and exploring emerging trends to develop consumer preferences.

Last Words 

Dairy Queen corporate headquarters are located in Bloomington, Minnesota. Although they can be reached by phone or mail, the most convenient way to contact Dairy Queen is probably through the contact form on their website. To inquire about a specific store location, use the store locator to find the appropriate contact information.

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