NID Card Online Copy Download Bangladesh – ভোটার আইডি কার্ড ডাউনলোড করুন খুব সহজে

NID Card Download Online
NID Card Download Online

Hello guys How are you. I hope all of my viewers are fine. Today I am coming with a new topic NID Card Online Copy Download Bangladesh. All the people of our country who are above 18 years are allowed to get their NID card by Election Commission. Voter ID card is an important document in Bangladesh. It helps in establishment and enjoyment of private and public services with citizenship identification number. Online facility is now at your side to download National ID Card.

To download NID card first you need to enter your voter id number and details provided in the registration form correctly. After that you can directly go to the official website of Bangladesh Election Commission. There you have to register in proper organizational manner. Then you can easily download voter ID card online. NID card download process is very simple and convenient for the user. This can be done from the comfort of your own home. You can download NID card directly online anytime. All of Information regarding NID card download is now easily available online. So, without further waiting you can download your NID card at anytime.

NID Card Online Download 

National Identity Card (NID) or Voter ID Card is the name of the identity document that the Bangladesh Election Commission issues to people. All adult citizens of Bangladesh have received a Smart NID card from October 2016. All of the data are kept on an embedded integrated circuit in this chip-based plastic card. The Smart NID Card application system has been digitalized by the government of Bangladesh.

‘Applicant copy’ of the registration form is given to each new voter throughout the registration period. When picking up their NID card at the chosen booths, applicants must bring a copy as required by EC. Before EC formally gives it to you, you might require the NID information or a duplicate of the card. If so, you can freely download the NID copy from the web platform.

Download NID card in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, downloading the NID card is now quicker and more convenient than before. The National Identity Card, often known as the NID card, is an essential document that confirms citizenship and grants access to a variety of personal and governmental services. Now that internet services are available, you can easily download your NID card from the convenience of your home.

You only need to follow few basic instructions in order to download your NID card in Bangladesh. First, check that the registration form contains the correct information, including your NID card number. After completing the registration process, you can access the Bangladesh Election Commission’s official website to Download your NID card.

A user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to move through the download procedure can be found on the official website. Follow the directions, fill out the required information, and use the recommended authentication techniques to confirm your identity. You can then proceed to digitally download your NID card after the verification process is finished.

Smart NID Card Download Online 

An easy and convenient option for people to get their National Identity Cards (NIDs) from the comfort of their homes is through the online NID card download process. The days of waiting in line for hours or visiting government offices to obtain this crucial paperwork are long gone. You may now access your NID card in just a few easy steps thanks to the online NID card download procedure.

You must go to the official website or platform chosen by the relevant government entity in your nation to start the online NID card download process. There, you’ll discover a special area or site created just for downloading NID cards. Usually, the website has an intuitive user interface that will lead you through the procedure.

It’s crucial to remember that security and privacy are given top priority during the online NID card download process. The platforms protect your personal information throughout the transaction by using encryption and secure protocols. To maintain the security of your data, it is advised to use reliable, approved platforms.

Online NID Card Download process 2023 – ভোটার আইডি কার্ড ডাউনলোড করার নিয়ম

You will first need to required the data that is required for verification. This normally includes private information like your full name, birthdate, address, and any other details needed by the government agency in charge of issuing NID cards. It’s crucial to make sure that all the data you supply is correct and corresponds to the specifics in your official documents.

After providing the necessary data, you might need to go through an identity verification procedure. This can entail supplying further information or supporting documentation, like a scanned copy of your passport, driver’s license, or other form of identity. This verification serves to ensure that only the legitimate owner of the NID card may access and download it.

You will normally be offered the option to download your NID card digitally after successfully completing the verification process. You may be able to download the card to your computer or mobile device in the form of a PDF or digital image. The NID card may also be printed directly from the internet on some systems. In below we show you step by step instruction to download NID Card in Bangladesh.

Digital National ID Card Download PDF

01. At first, Visit Bangladesh Election Commission Official Website & Enter your Votar Slip or NID card number.

02. Give your Right Date of Birth & Enter the Security Code. After that Click on “Submit“.

03. A new page appears after you click on Submit. Now, give your present & permanent address correctly.

04. At last, give your own mobile number because Election commission authority will send you verification code. Then, click “Send SMS”. 

nid-card-online-process05. Enter the six-digit verification code that you received through SMS from the cellphone number you supplied, and then click the “Apply” button to move on to the next stage. Once the following step has been finished, a QR code is shown below. The NID Wallet App should be used to scan this QR code by the voter.
Install the NID Wallet App, open it, and validate your photo before scanning the QR code to finish the NID Card Registration procedure.


06. You can set here USER ID & Password. Otherwise avoid It.

07. As you can see Download option. Now, click on Download Tab & it download as PDF File automatically. At last, Save this NID Card PDF and print your Votar ID Card.

How To Get Your Smart NID Card in SMS?

The ability to check the status of your NID (National Identity Card) card by SMS (Short Message Service) has become immensely easy in Bangladesh. You may easily check the status of your NID card and keep up with its development with just a single text message. Follow these simple instructions to verify your NID card status through SMS in Bangladesh. Create a new text message by opening the messaging application on your smartphone. The term for NID card checking, commonly “NID” or “NID STATUS” should be typed, followed by a space. then key in the 17-digit NID card number you were given after registration. Make careful to input the NID card number exactly, without any spaces or extra characters.

Send the message to the designated short code provided by the organization in charge of NID card verification once it has been written. It is crucial to consult the official sources or recommendations for the exact code as the specific short code may change. You will receive an automated response on your cell phone shortly.

Your NID card’s status will be shown in this response, including whether it is ready for pickup, in the processing stage, or subject to any other pertinent adjustments. It’s critical to remember that the answer message may change based on the NID card issuing procedure stage. Using SMS to check the status of your NID card is convenient and quick. It eliminates the need to go to government offices or stand in line for a long time to find out how your NID card is coming along. You can monitor the status of your NID card using the SMS method from the comfort of your own mobile.

So, follow to below procedure how to check NID Card through SMS. Let’s go-

Form No <space> <dd-mm-yyyy> sent to 105
Example: 12345678 08-06-1998 sent to 105

How to recover lost NID Online Card?

If you have lost your NID (National Identity Card) in Bangladesh, you can follow these steps to initiate the process of recovering it online:

  1. Visit the official website of the Bangladesh Election Commission or the designated platform for NID services.
  2. Look for the option or section related to “Lost NID Card” or “Recovering Lost NID Card.” Click on it to proceed.
  3. You will be directed to a page where you will need to provide certain information for identification purposes. This may include your full name, date of birth, address, and any other details required to verify your identity.
  4. Once you have submitted the required information, the system will generate a unique recovery request or reference number. Make a note of this number as you may need it for future correspondence or tracking purposes.
  5. Visit the nearest police station and provide them with the necessary details of your lost NID card. They will provide you with a copy of the police report or an acknowledgment.
  6. Return to the online platform and upload a scanned copy or clear photograph of the police report or acknowledgment. This document serves as proof of your lost NID card and is required for the recovery process.
  7. After uploading the necessary documents, submit the form or application for recovering the lost NID card.
  8. The authorities will review your application and documents.
  9. Once the verification process is complete, you will be notified about the status of your lost NID card recovery. If approved, you will be provided with instructions on how to collect your new NID card.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the NID card in Bangladesh?

Answer: The Bangladesh Election Commission issues the NID card, often referred to as the National Identity Card, as a recognized form of identity. It comprises crucial details such the cardholder’s name, picture, birthdate, and individual identity number and acts as proof of citizenship.

How can I download my NID card online in Bangladesh?

Answer: Visit the official website or designated platform offered by the Bangladesh Election Commission to download your NID card online. Observe the directions, offer the necessary data, and finish the verification process. You can get a digital version of your NID card after it has been confirmed.

What information do I need to provide for NID card download online?

Answer: You will normally be asked for your full name, date of birth, address, and other pertinent information as per the registration records when downloading your NID card online. For the download procedure to go as smoothly as possible, it is imperative to guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.

Is the online NID card download process secure?

Answer: Yes, security and privacy are given top priority in Bangladesh’s online NID card download process. To secure your personal information while downloading, official platforms use encryption and strictly adhere to protocols. To maintain the security of your data, it is advised to use reputable and official websites or platforms.

Can I download someone else’s NID card online?

Answer: No. The ability to access and download one’s own NID cards is the main goal of the online NID card download process. Downloading another person’s NID card without their permission is not allowed. Each user must finish the download process on their own, using the information on their own NID card.

Can I download a duplicate NID card online?

Answer: The online platform might have options for requesting a duplicate NID card if an NID card is misplaced, damaged, or lost. One can consult official sources or get in touch with the appropriate government to learn more about the precise steps and requirements for getting a duplicate NID card.

How long does it take to download the NID card online?

Answer: The verification process and the volume of applications being processed can affect the precise time required to get the NID card online. It is advised to follow the guidelines on the website or get in touch with the appropriate authority for an estimation of the anticipated time period.