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Simon Gregson
Simon Gregson

Simon Gregson, a name synonymous with the British television industry, has won the hearts of millions with his charismatic performances and endearing personality. Born on October 2, 1974 in Ashton-under-Lyne, England, Simon Joseph Gregson has become a household name, most notably for his long-running role as Steve MacDonald in the popular soap opera “Coronation Street.”

Simon Gregson spent his formative years in Ashton-under-Lyne, where he developed a passion for acting at an early age. His early experiences in school plays and local theater productions hinted at the talent that would later lead him to stardom. Growing up in a close-knit family, Gregson supportive upbringing played an important role in nurturing his artistic aspirations.

Who Is Simon Gregson?

Simon Gregson, born Simon Alan Gregory on October 2, 1974, is an English actor who has become synonymous with a character: the iconic British soap opera, the lovable rogue from Coronation Street, Steve MacDonald. Gregson journey, however, is much more multifaceted than Weatherfield’s cobbled streets. Let’s take a look at the biography, career and personal life of this talented and resilient performer.

Simon Gregson Net Worth

Simon Gregson Net Worth is estimated to be around £1 million (approximately $1.1 million). Gregson main source of income is his long-running role as Steve McDonald on Coronation Street. His salary is believed to be around £150,000 annually, which is a testament to his dedication and popularity with the audience.

While Coronation Street forms the core of Gregson finances, he has also explored other avenues. Reality show appearances, voice acting gigs, and musical ventures contribute to his overall net worth. However, net worth figures may change over time due to various factors such as new projects, investments and financial developments. It is important to note that the net worth provided is an estimate and may not reflect Simon Gregson current financial position.

Simon Gregson Annual Income & Earnings 

Simon Gregson estimated annual income is around £150,000, primarily generated by his role as beloved Steve Macdonald in Coronation Street. This figure ranks his among the soap’s highest earners, reflecting his longevity and popularity. Gregson income isn’t just cobbler-based. Occasional appearances in reality shows, voice acting gigs, and musical ventures provide additional income streams. Estimating celebrity income always involves a margin of error. Factors such as contract changes, one-time projects and personal investments can affect the exact figure from year to year.

How Much Rich Simon Gregson?

Simon Gregson Net Worth to be around £1 million. Exact figures are individual and may fluctuate due to investments, costs and career development. He originally came from Steve MacDonald’s Coronation Street role. Gregson estimate may be £150,000 annually. This ranks his among the show’s highest earners, reflecting his long tenure and popularity. Simon Additional income can come from occasional other projects such as reality shows, voice acting and music.

Simon Gregson House, Property & Asset

Based on his estimated net worth, Gregson could live comfortably in a desirable area of Manchester or in a spacious and comfortable home in the surrounding countryside. It can be a detached house with a garden, providing privacy and enough space for his family. Simon Gregson, however, is said to live in the Manchester area, as the actor has long been associated with the popular British soap opera “Coronation Street”, which is filmed in Manchester.

Simon Gregson Car Collections 

Although Simon Gregson is known for his love of vintage cars, specifics about his personal car collection remain largely under wraps. Gregson is a self-proclaimed “petrolhead” with a strong passion for classic cars. He has been seen driving and working on various vintage models, particularly British marques such as Triumph and MG. The exact make and model of the cars currently in Gregson’s garage remains private. However, his car choice probably reflects his passion for classic British cars and his interest in restoration projects.

Simon Gregson Biography

Born in Manchester, Gregson passion for acting was revealed early. At the age of 11, he landed his first professional role in the BBC drama “Children’s Ward”. This early success was followed by appearances in various television shows and plays throughout his teenage years. In 1989, fortunes took an important turn when 14-year-old Gregson auditioned for the role of Steve McDonald in Coronation Street. He impressed the casting team with his natural comedic timing and sly charm, and thus began a 34-year (and counting) love affair with one of British television’s most beloved characters.

While Coronation Street has undoubtedly occupied a central place in Gregson career, he has also dabbled in other ventures. He has lent his voice to animated characters, appeared on reality shows and even showcased his musical talent with fellow soap stars from the band “The Street.” These explorations highlight Gregson versatility and willingness to step outside his comfort zone.

Simon Gregson Professional Career 

Steve MacDonald became more than just a character for Gregson. He is an extension of himself. Over the years, Gregson has masterfully navigated Steve’s hilarious adventures, heartbreaking tragedies and heartfelt moments of redemption. He brings depth and vulnerability to a character often stereotyped as a comedic foil, earning critical acclaim and legions of devoted fans.

Gregson dedication to the show is undeniable. He has endured turbulent storylines, personal challenges and industry changes, remaining a constant presence on the cobblestones. His commitment has been rewarded with numerous accolades, including 17 awards for comedy and performance, a testament to his exceptional talent and enduring connection with audiences.

Simon Gregson Personal Life, Wife/Spouse 

Gregson has been married to long-term partner Emma Gleave since 2010. They have three sons; Alfie (born 2007), Harry (born 2009) and Henry Teddy (born 2016). Gregson personal life was not without its struggles. He openly discussed his battle with addiction in the mid-90s, a period which saw him temporarily write off Coronation Street. His journey to recovery, however, is an inspiration, demonstrating his strength and resilience.

Simon Gregson Bio & Wiki

Full Name Simon Gregson
Nick Name Simon Gregson
Profession British Actor and Comedian
Spouse Name Emma Gleave (m. 2010)
Children Alfie Gregson, Henry Teddy Gregson.
Date of Birth October 2, 1974
Age 49
Zodiac Sign Libra
Birth Place Wythenshawe, Manchester, England, UK.
Residence Wythenshawe, Manchester, England, UK.
Nationality Britain
Ethnicity Mixed
Height 6 ft (183 cm)
Weight 78 kg or 172 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Sexual Orientation Straight
High School Woodlawn High School
College Alabama State University
Net Worth $1  million

Last Words 

Simon Gregson journey from a young actor in Ashton-under-Lyne to a beloved figure in Britain’s longest-running soap opera is testament to his talent and perseverance. His ability to bring characters to life with humor and authenticity has made him a cherished presence in the hearts of the audience.